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Lessons from my Mentor…

Friday, December 5th, 2008

This morning I was listening to a Strategy Call from Alex Mandossian at . He is a great story teller when he is making a point.  He was talking about how a teacher is there to assist and NOT to help.  He gave a story about how he assisted his daughter Breanna to get out of the bathtub.  She wanted him to carry her out. He gave her a finger to assist her and she bumped her knee.  It was hurting him seeing that but he knew that he needed to assist her instead of helping her.  Anyways to make a long story short, the next bath time, Breanna asked for help.  He assisted her and she bumped her ankle a little.  The time after that she didn’t bump anything and started climbing out all by herself. 

Yes, this was an internet marketing strategy session, but it made me realize how much I help my kids all the time.  Blake still wants me to help him get dressed in the morning.  Blake is 5 years old.  Amira, my 3 year old, gets herself dressed.  I realized that I was helping because it was easier for me.  What didn’t click is that I am enabling a “LAZY” kid who will expect everyone (especially mom) to do everything for him. 

The buck stopped after my lesson.  Tonight was a transforming night.  Yes, nighttime ritual lasted a little longer than usual since Blake was tired and wanted me to help.  I waited patiently (for 30 minutes) until I decided to get my timer out.  Once I set the 6 minute timer to get dressed and brush his teeth, Blake moved like Santa was visiting tonight. He was done before the timer went off.

Here are my lessons:

1.  Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach (or assist) a man to fish and eats for a lifetime.

2.  Every mother needs a timer!!!  It is a great motivator for slow moving kids. (bribes like a x-mas movie after the action is taken works too.)

3.  Moms learn great patience by having kids!

~ Layla

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