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Food Allergies: What to know about Food Allergies

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Amira has been struggling with food allergies since she was born.  She had the eczema, cradle cap, rashes from head to toe, you name it, she has had it.  Took her to the doctor several times as a baby and finally was tested for food allergies.  She was allergic to everything…

So what do you give a baby who is allergic to everything?  Anything that she doesn’t have a high allergic reaction to.  For the most part, she wouldn’t have an external allergic reaction to the lower index foods that she was allergic too.  Except that she would vomit a couple times a month.  That is when we would know that she ate something that she was allergic to.

Amira is now 3 years old and the vomitting has not stopped.  At least once to twice a month, she throws up.  At first the doctor said it was a reflex, but finally after insisting that it is not only a reflex, Amira will finally go and see a nutritionist who can guide me on what to feed her. 

As a parent, it is frustrating since I don’t know what to feed her so I continue to feed her food that she might have a low allergic reaction to. Spoke to the nutritionist on the phone and she said to check out the website:

On the positive note, Amira understands that she has food allergies and seems to realize that she has to eat her special food.  She also is growing fine which baffles the doctor and nutritionist since she has all these allergies. (I think it is because I never limited her food except for the high allergic reaction food.)

I know that the challenges of trying to control my child’s food is coming soon…

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